Why does the AcePlayer have no sound?

Notice: We are developing AcePlayer for android now, it will come out in one or two months. 
There are two ways to fix the AC3 sound problom.

1. You can download “aceplayer.ac3.dylib”,and put it to the documents of AcePlayer , restart AcePlayer, the the sound problem will be fixed。

aceplayer.ac3.dylib: https://github.com/AcePlayer/ac3/blob/master/aceplayer.ac3.dylib?raw=true


2. You can  use  a software named “AC3Killer” to fix the sound problem on your PC firestly.
When you use AC3Killer to open a folder on your computer, it will find the ac3 movies out automatically, and convert the AC3 to AAC, then translate the movies to AcePlayer and the  sound problem has been fixed.


The Dolby company does not allow us to use the AC3 audio decoder. We really want to buy AC3 licence, and have discussed with the Dolby company for several times. The result is that we not only pay for the AC3 license but also 1 USD for each download of AcePlayer. As the most users downloaded AcePlayer for free when AcePlayer is limited free, we really have no money to pay for it. 

We are really sorry that we can not pay for the AC3 licence, and give you so many inconvenience.