how to use AcePlayer?

1. How to add video with USB?

Connect PC with USB,run iTunes 9.1 or above.

In iTunes, Devices->(Your iPhone)->Apps, drag the slider down, select AcePlayer in the File Sharing and use “add..” button on the lower right corner to add files.

2. How to use WiFi transfer?

Firstly,open the WiFi transfer in the settings, and you will see the url.

Secondly, input the url in the browser on you personal computer and upload files to AcePlayer. If you want to upload multiple files at the same time, you should open multiple webs.

3. In documents, what do the buttons represent on the toolbar?

In normal mode, they represent “return”, “home”, “sort”, “edit”. In editing mode, they represent “Playlist”, “new folder”, “rename”, “cut”, “paste”, “delete”, “return”.

4. how to move files to the new folder?

Click “edit” button,select files, click “cut” button,click “return” button,enter the new folder,click “edit” button,click “paste” button.

5. Where to add files to Playlist?

Turn to the documents, click the “edit” button, select the Audio/Video files you want to add, click the “playlist” button to select the playlist.

6.How to rename or delete password foldfer?

You should clear the password of the folder first.

7. It does not work,how to do?

Set “Start Playback from the beginning” in the settings. Reboot it. If it still does not work,maybe the files are destroyed when you use WiFi transfer, delete it, add files from iTunes with USB.

8. Why does it shake when play some low resolution mp4 or avi video?

Maybe you should not use cache in the settings, but normally you should use cache.

9. It does not sync when play high resolution RMVB or MKV file,how to do?

Maybe you should use “skip frame” in the settings.

10. How to play an unknown file?

Just rename it,add suffix such as “.RMVB” or “.MP3″.

11. Why the video/audio files downloaded from Media Server can not be play?

Because some media servers do not give out the suffix,you should rename it,add suffix such as “.RMVB” or “.MP3″.

12. Can you recommend a media server?

You can download MediaShare from Mac app store.The MediaShare is developed by us. For windows, you can use win7, TVersity, TVMOBILI, FreeMi…

13. How to use the win7 media player as a media server?

Organize-> Manage libraries (add folders )

Stream->Automatically allow devices to play my media.

Close the firewall and reboot the pc.

14. How to use the “Open url”?

The “Open url” is used to watch TV or listen to the radio, but you should google the mms, rtsp url by yourself.

15. Why the FileZillia ftp server can not be accessed by AcePlayer?

Maybe the firewall of the windows has forbidden it, you should check this.

16. Why the files in the “Inbox” folder can not be renamed?

Because the “Inbox” folder belong to the system, you can move the files out and rename them.

17. What file format does QuickTime support?

MP4, M4V, MOV.

18. Why use QuickTime?

Because the QuickTime use hardware to decode the media, save power of the device, and support high solution video, like 720P or 1280P.

19. How to select sync method?

On ipad2 or iphone 4S, use “skip loop filter” may be better.

On iphone4/ipad1, use “Drop frame” may be better.

When play high solution videos, use “skip frame” may be better.

20.The subtitle is not show, why?

Maybe you should click the “i” button and select the subtitle encoding .
When you play videos from some server, maybe the subtitle is not shared, you should check whether the subtitle is in the files list.

21. How to play MP4, M4V or MOV with the “.srt” subtitle file?

Close the QuickTime in the settings.

22. Why the password folder is “deleted”?

Maybe you should close the “Invisible files” in the settings.


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